For the past 100 years, the Hotel Maleny has grown and changed with the Maleny community. The hotel was the community’s meeting place for loggers, bullock drivers and farmers and their families to swap stories, debate local politics, conduct business, or simply share a drink, a meal and take time out from the trials and tribulations that belonged to living the life of a Maleny pioneer. Over the last 100 years, the ownership and management of the Hotel has passed though different hands, changed direction and with time and the merging of generations, the perception of the residents of “their Hotel” has changed.


The Maleny community has grown over the years to become home to a diverse range of people whose life experiences and opinions can differ from one another, be it culturally, socially or politically. The Hotel has always shrived to maintain its role and place within the community by quietly changing, growing with and endeavoring to meet the needs and expectations of the wider community and local organisations and charities who need a helping hand financially or physically.